SuiteP theme break calendar

Hello suiteCRM team,

I have a big problem. After deploying the last upgrade for suiteCRM (suiteCRM7.7 Released), first, many things has been break essentially css things. But i can repair that so it’s not my biggest problem. My problem is the calendar. He 's accessible only for the administrator and i don’t understand why. I join a picture of the calendar break and an extract of the php_errors.log(no errors appears in the suitecrm.log and sugarcrm.log). Please can you help me to repair the calendar ? I have many notion of programming so you can use “technical terms”. I have try many things, like make a new installation and take the calendar module to put him in my installation but same effect only administrator can see the calendar. It’s seem like the problem don’t really come from the module himself.

Thank you.

Many of the bugs, including the calendar bug, have been fixed and will be resolved in the 7.7.1 release. You can search for issues logged and the fixes for these issues on the SuiteCRM GitHub repository.

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