SuiteP Quick create from email & multiselect dropdown box size

I have two formatting issues with SuiteP. The first seems to be also happening on the demo version of suiteCRM at

  1. When using Quick Create email, if you select an option then close the popup window and then select again the 2nd popup is too small. See screenshot (ss1). So for example, if you select QUICK CREATE>CONTACT when you meant QUICK CREATE>OPPORTUNITY the 2nd popup doesn´t display correctly. This only occurs on the second selection both with Chrome (Version 54.0.2840.99 m) and Firefox (50.0) If you refresh the page it works again. Has this bug been flagged?

  2. Is it possible to increase the size of the multiselection drop down boxes in the search/advanced search layouts. For my purposes the boxes need to be both wider and deeper. See screenshot (ss2). Where could I make this change?

Many thanks

I have the same issue but with the ‘View Relationships’ popup.

I’ve created an issue on git hub