SuiteP overlay error

After upgrading to the recent version with a suiteP theme, I am getting an overlay problem with the theme and the data. See attached sample. The main page works, and so do a few of the supporting functions like email. But if I click on an account, calls, leads I get a jacked up theme and conflict between one them and what appears to be an overlay.

I have checked all the permissions, and they all appear the same. So I am not sure why it is almost flipping to another theme while overlaying something else all together.


If you press CTRL+F5 when you see this screen, (to clear your browser cache & refresh), do you still see this screen?

If so, you may need to re-select your user’s theme.

You can do this by going into your User Profile’s Edit view, (Either by clicking your name on the top-right, or hovering over it and clicking Profile, Depending on the current theme being used).

Then, go to the “Themes” tab, select a theme, and save.

Then, press CTRL+F5 again, and this should hopefully resolve your issue.

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This solution worked. Thank you.