SuiteP - Major Issue - Panels Displaying Outside Tab!

Per the text right from Studio Layout Editor:

"When Tab is specified for a panel, subsequent panels set to display as Panel will be displayed within the tab. "

Doesn’t work with SuiteP (7.9.0)

I need a fix ASAP. Thanks!

Hi there,

We need more information to help.

What is the expected action from your interaction with the instance?

Do you have a screenshot of the issue?

Was it an fresh install or an upgrade instance?

This is with an upgrade from 7.8.4 to 7.9.0.

Step to reproduce problem:

Go into Studio > Cases (although it may be an issue with any modules) > Layout > Detail View (May be an issue with all views)

If the view does not already have multiple tabs, create some test tabs.

Create a new panel, display type=panel, underneath a pre-existing Tab panel

Save & Deploy

Go to the view and you will see the new panel underneath all the tabs (or at least I do) instead of only underneath the tab that the panel was inserted under.

I’ve got the same issue

Hate to double post, I found that there is a fix pending on github for this

We have the same problem here. Almost every module of ours has multiple tabs and switching to Suite P has created havoc :slight_smile:

Did you get this fix to work for you? With Ver 7.9.2 it does not work as the files were modified with the release.
Has anyone been able to successfully get the fix to work?

I was able to figure out the problem.
Updated Fix for issue added
Fix Detailed View -
Fix Edit View -


Hi All
Since I Update to the latest
Version 7.9.4

I cannot change between panel and tab on the studio

I am going studio -> Accounts Layouts-> overview is a panel I change the below one I make it tab from a panel and it does not work
when I click save and deploy seems to have saved the option but again it does not work
of course I am doing repair and rebuild but nothing

any thoughts?

I have the same issue with 7.9.4

Just upgraded to Version 7.9.4, DetailView was working properly until i made an edit in studio then the display is messed up. If everything is panel then nothing shows up on detail view, if i put a new panel above all the other ones with one unused field the other panels show up.

Im going to try the linked fixes tomorrow and will report back.

Fixes do not work for me.

The only way i could get the first panel to display was to put this under the first


	           {{foreach name=section from=$sectionPanels key=label item=panel}}
                    {{capture name=label_upper assign=label_upper}}{{$label|upper}}{{/capture}}
                    {{if $tabCount == 0}}
                    <div class="tab-pane-NOBOOTSTRAPTOGGLER active fade in" id='tab-content-{{$tabCount}}'>
                        {{include file='themes/SuiteP/include/DetailView/tab_panel_content.tpl'}}
                    {{counter name="tabCount" print=false}}

Basically tabs just are not working for me. I have one module that has a panel set to tab and i am unable to update it to panel (it wont save).

Hello to the community
do we have any update about the change between Tab and panel option in Accounts - > Layouts -> DetailView, for example, is not working?
I update SuiteCrm to the latest 7.9.5 but is still not working …
I think a lot of people have the same issue

Kind Regards

Nauagio13 can you please try manually applying the fixes on the two GitHub pull requests listed above, and tell us if it works for you? Thanks.

pgr I have done both of the GitHub Fixes but no result
Also in GitHub SuiteCrm Issues I found the following

The issue definitely exist i :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

This issue is still going in 7.10.1

I haven’t upgraded the production site since 7.8.2 because of this.

Any news on a fix ?

Is this what you’re experiencing?

Do any of these two fixes solve the problem for you?

Fix Detailed View -
Fix Edit View -

I just applied both of these fixes in 7.8.18 and the issue appears to be resolved!

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Same error in 8.2.3