SuiteP listview columns on a mobile

When reducing the browser width to less than 690px, all but the first column on a listview is hidden, even though there is space for more. Is there a way to keep two columns shown?

We have ‘date created’ in the first column (which is limited info and does not ‘link’ to the record); so using a mobile device its very difficult to find the correct record.

Things get even more confused because listview filters save the order and visibility of records.

However it would help to have more than one column showing.

Also is there a way to hide the Module title in mobile view ? The title takes a large portion of the screen in mobile view and only repeats whats shown on the menu bar - here is an image of how ‘leads’ look on my mobile.

At least 50% of the screen is taken up with menus, 10% of which is the repeated module title.