SuiteP Improved 7.9.1 NEW Compact Edition! SuitePImproved2

I share the frustration of many others with the bloated design of the SuiteP Theme. So I did something about it and with the release of SuiteCRM 7.9.1 am now sharing it with the Community.

This essentially consists of some additional tweaks to Urdhva Tech’s SuiteP Improved Theme to make it even more compact. This version also includes the the latest changes to the stock SuiteP Theme in 7.9.1. I named it SuitePImproved2.

NOTE: If subsequent versions of SuiteP come out and you don’t want to wait for me to post my update, you;ll essentially want to copy the SuiteP theme to another folder before updating then do a Linux DIFF command on the new and old themes and copy the changes to the SuitePImproved2 files. I’ve tried to comment all the changes I made so you know if you are overwriting any of my changes.

I of course don’t offer any warranties or support but if you see something significantly wrong feel free to post. (It’s not a huge change from Urdhva’s version but it IS more compact.) One thing you may notice in Urdhva Tech’s version is that there are many URLs with the filepath still pointing to the SuiteP folder. My theme I have also replaced that with SuitePImproved2 to make it fully independent of SuiteP.

You can download it here (click download icon in upper right)


works, thanks!, installed it with ftp, module loader did not want to.

Beautiful! THANK YOU!

Suite P (IMPROVED!) now makes SuiteCRM usable again on desktops and laptops, without having to scroll everywhere!

Notes for Newbies:

  1. Download the zip file from the location given.
  2. Upload that zip file to the [SuiteCRM] “/themes” folder on your host server.
  3. Extract the zip file to the same [/themes] folder.
  4. in SuiteCRM Admin … > Repair > Quick Repair and Rebuild
  5. In SuiteCRM Admin … > Themes > ensure that the “Enabled” and “Default Theme” boxes are checked for the Improved Suite P theme; then SAVE.
  6. Return to your Home page

I installed the Urdhva version yesterday, and it loaded fine with the Module Loader…

OK, this modified, more-compressed SuiteP variation theme looks great, but I do have a tweak to make for my laptop…

I need to make the basic font (in the list, detail and edit views and in the dashlets) just a bit larger for my old eyes!

I looked in the relevant “style.css” file, but that is a huge file with a mass of settings for all the different divisions, headings, etc.

Could someone please point me to where the font size is actually set for the above areas? I can then fiddle around with the settings, to see how it renders.

Much appreciated! Thank you!

If you use Google Chrome, you can highlight the text then right click on it and select Inspect. Without going into a full blown tutorial, basically you need to look at the CSS output it shows you and you can see which CSS object you need to change the font size.

It’s the css/style.css file in the theme’s folder.

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Yes there is no manifest.php file in my zip. I’ll create a new one when I get some time but just use the unzip method for now.

The CSS “inspect” facility in Chrome works great! Got it, now! Many thanks!

I am really interested in SuiteP compact version! I am still using SuiteR.
Add some screenshots, please!

You don’t need screenshots. (Btw, some screenshots are hard for others to provide due to confidentiality of the CRM data shown in the screenshots!)

The install is so quick to do, you can immediately see the results on your own system, with your own data.

Just download the zipped file and install on your system. (I outlined the exact step-by-step process, above). It will take you just a few minutes and if you don’t like the result, you can quickly switch back!

Yes I need screenshots because I had to wait 2 weeks to get back to the office!
Also for confidentiality, everyone can erase the data that considers confidential!

Respectfully 1 … if your SuiteCRM instance is web-based (i.e. accessible from anywhere), you don’t have to be in the office.

Respectfully 2 … to best see the results of the compressed format, you need to see data and most users on here don’t have dummy data for screen shots. We only have our live data … and you can’t see that!

There are plenty of screenshots on the Urdhva site for the original SuitePImproved.

Then SuitePImproved2 only makes things even tighter…

I have to be in the office as my installation is in local in-office server only accessible from within company.
Anyway I will test it on my own.