SuiteP Doesn't Implement MaxColumns Increase in detailviewdefs.php

Can someone tell me why SuiteP won’t display 4 columns on the view despite having this in detailviewdefs.php for example. Was working great for SuiteR.

(For some reason the “Add File” button isn’t working for me.) So here’s a SuiteR versus SuiteP screenshot comparison. I am just beside myself how big of a disaster the layour of SuiteP is. Maybe this would be a great layout for an 8" tablet, LAUGH/CRY OUT LOUD. These are actually screenshots from 1920x1080 display which these days is a VERY common resolution, and monitor size is 24" which is also VERY common (and cheap nowadays). What was the thinking on the layout of this theme, let’s see how much room we can take up with as few fields as possible? I just can’t believe it.

Before with SuiteR with maxcolumns = 4

After with SuiteP:


So it appears the new theme moves from tables to div tags which is the issue. Obviously the SuiteP Developer didn’t consider maybe people modified the detailvewdefs.php file to get more columns. So this code change is rendered useless it looks like which means I’m screwed until I figure out where/how to modify the theme to get my 4 columns back.

$viewdefs ['Cases'] = 
array (
  'DetailView' => 
  array (
    'templateMeta' => 
    array (
      'form' => 
      array (
        'buttons' => 
        array (
          0 => 'EDIT',
          1 => 'DUPLICATE',
          2 => 'DELETE',
          3 => 'FIND_DUPLICATES',
      'maxColumns' => '4',
      'widths' => 
      array (
        0 => 
        array (
          'label' => '10',
          'field' => '30',
        1 => 
        array (
          'label' => '10',
          'field' => '30',
        2 => 
        array (
          'label' => '10',
          'field' => '30',
        3 => 
        array (
          'label' => '10',
          'field' => '30',

Looking into this deeper, can someone confirm that the best way to get more than two columns is to hack the tab_panel_content.tpl in the theme’s include/DetailView folder? Geez. Guess I’m going to have to brush up on Bootstrap and Smarty.

Hey, jcrist… I don’t particularly like SuiteP spacing either, but…

I don’t see a reason why a person would have 149 posts in these forums and ZERO thanks received. It is a very rare low ratio compared to what I usually see here. Have you by any chance been leeching on this community of people who provide you with a free product and free support?

I don’t think the title of this thread makes you look too good. If you don’t know bootstrap, that’s your problem. Don’t claim to be surprised by SuiteP, it’s been around for almost a year. It’s a positive technological change. Yes, despite your customizations. It was discussed in length and in depth in many threads here.

We’ve been helping you all day with your upgrade problems, you’re angry and panicked when you should be quietly and calmly evaluating the update in a test system, not on your live production system. You need to plan your upgrades, test your customizations, sometimes re-develop them, etc. - not just be disappointed if you find out they broke. There was a Beta version of this, and a Release Candidate.

So try to keep your cool and don’t come in here in aggressive mode complaining about technological issues you don’t even understand. It’s been a long day and we (or me at least) are not in the mood for this sort of wining. Find your place in this community. Earn your respect by respecting others. Give back. Then you will value better work done for free.

I totally get where you’re coming from. Points well taken. My apologies for expressing my frustration a bit too aggressively as you put it. I’m just a little surprised, given the 2-column grid of Sugar 6 is SOOO outdated that anyone would even waste time on what really just amounts to a cosmetic change. Max 12 fields viewable at a time on a screen, no matter what the screen size is pretty ridiculous. It really is probably the one major barrier any serious company would be dissuaded from using Suite in my opinion.

I’m actually just trying to help out as I’m sure there’s going to be more people disappointed with the interface change and taking away the ability to control the number of columns through the module view layout definitions. So I guess unless someone wants to throw in some suggestions as to the best way to go about this, I’ll consider myself “on my own” and assume that indeed that is the tpl file that needs to be modified and there isn’t a better method.

It seems the general consensus is there is a lot of room for improvement. Let’s work together to improve it and not make this personal

So the color palette admin screen was dumped it appears for SuiteP? So does this mean custom color changes will have to be re-applied most likely after most updates?

Just FYI for anyone subscribed to this thread.

You can fairly easily modify the CSS to make the Detail View 4 columns. I would first recommend downloading this modified theme:

Here are the modifications from style.css to get 4 columns decent layout in detail view:

.detail-view-row .label {
/display: inline;/ /*editied */
display: block; /*editied */
line-height: 40px; /*editied */
font-size: 12px;
font-weight: 700;
color: #534d64;
padding: 0 0 0 8px;
/line-height: 48px;//edited by urdhva/
text-align: left;
vertical-align: baseline;
white-space: nowrap

Here is modification for include\DetailView\tab_panel_content.tpl

  {*<!-- COLUMN -->*}

    {{if $ > 1 && $colData.colspan != 3}}
        {*<!-- DIV column - colspan != 3 -->*}
        {* Start Modification  *}
        <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-3 detail-view-row-item">
        {* End of Modification  *}
        {*<!-- DIV column - colspan = 3 -->*}
        <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-12 detail-view-row-item">

Since I went back to 2-column to be consistent between views I’m now modifying the theme so the rows aren’t as tall even after urvhatech’s mods


In the above, you say “Here is modification for include\DetailView\tab_panel_content.tpl”
followed by some code. Is the “include\DetailView\tab_panel_content.tpl” the full file pathname? (I’m not seeing this file in my system). Also, is the code below the above pathname above the complete contents of the file?


That would be a path like


so it would be under your SuiteCRM root folder (mine is /var/www/html), and then under the specific theme you’re editing.

And no, that’s not the full content. You need to look for a part of the current file that looks similar and apply just the changed details.

Oh, OK. Thanks!

He did not show the full pathname, so I was looking in the wrong “include” folder … the main one; not the one under the theme! Oops! B)

Having made the test changes to 4 columns, I’m just going to stay with 2 columns for now, as I could not change the layouts to reposition the fields, 4 across. We’ll get there, eventually!

At least 7.9.1 and Suite P is now usable, for me.


We have v7.13 and we are trying to set max_columns to 3.

But, it is displaying only two columns.

Is there a way that we could edit code in suiteP and get 3 columns for edit view of all modules. I could see three columns in detail view though.

Thanks in an advance!

Any solution for this?

  1. Edit themes/SuiteP/include/DetailView/tab_panel_content.tpl as above to increase columns in Detail View, in all modules.
  2. Edit themes/SuiteP/include/EditView/tab_panel_content.tpl to get more columns for Edit View in all modules.

I tried it, but did not work.

Probably it’s showing the theme’s cached tab_panel_content.tpl.

I deleted cache/theme folder and empty cache and hard reload on the browser.