SuiteCRM's suitability for tour operator

Good evening,

I run a walking holiday company, and we are looking to upgrade our 10 year old custom built system. I have looked at many systems dedicated to the travel industry, but none of them quite tick all the boxes. I discovered SuiteCRM accidentally, but think it could be the perfect foundation to build the system we require. I understand it will require a large amount of customisation and intend on using a developer experienced in SuiteCRM. I already have someone developing the website including the booking engine, so I presume an API can be used to populate entries within SuiteCRM.

A rough idea of the modules/elements I will need:

Itinerary v1 - Ability to build an itinerary of between 1 and 70 days to send as a PDF proposal. Most days will contain activity information, generic accommodation description and transfer information. Pricing may also be dynamic or manually calculated using multiple inputted amounts across a number of fields.

Itinerary v2 - Slight variation of v1 but showing the booked tour including pricing.

Client records - Containing full details of main booking person, plus basic information for others in walking party.

Supplier records - (a) Accommodations containing all contact details, google map and products (rooms). (b) Courier containing contact details and routes offered. Ā© Taxi/private hire containing contact details and area covered.

Activity records - (a) A comprehensive collection (500+) different daily walking routes containing from/to locations, distance, difficulty and link to the route on a walking app.

Tour Management - Ability to book suppliers and assign them to a day or all of the itinerary. Manage bookings either on a tour by tour basis or by locationā€¦ e.g. See all outstanding bookings required for Mr Smith vs all bookings outstanding in Bath.

Itinerary v2 - Slight variation of v1 but showing the booked tour including pricing. PDF print useful

Itinerary v3 - Final version to include all tour information.

Contact management - ability to email suppliers requesting availability/booking/amendment/cancellation, log of rejections and record of all correspondence between us and the client (email and freetext for phone call summaries).

Accounts/invoicing - manage payments, generate remittances.

Reports - ability to pull reports for all elements of bookings.

Are all these possible?

At this stage, I do not believe client access is required, and if it is, we will use rest api and a custom wordpress module.

Thoughts much appreciatedā€¦

Thanks Mike

Hi, Mike!

I think that you will could do this. But you will should add some custom modules and сonsider the structure of the modules (system objects).
I agree with you that the CRM is internal system only. You can integrate it with Wordpress using SOAP or REAST.
I advice to start from the structure of the modules itā€™s important step.
You can find here development information or the professional analyst/developer

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Thank you! This is great news. I appreciate your response.