SuiteCRM8 Can only create event from Event bar, what happened to Create Task?

Hi team,

SuiteCRM8 Can only create account/contact related events from Event bar in the Account/Contact Record.

Version 7.nn allows the user to be in the contact/account record and the related field is populated when a Task is created from the Activity Bar.

A Task can only be created from the Calendar dropdown and has no connection to any entity.

The only option is to open an already present Task for the related entity (account/contact) and choose Duplicate from the [Actions] button.

This means more work than in the previous versions.

What is the thinking on this “upgrade feature”?

How did this come to happen?


Hi @bernardgbailey,

Thank you for trying out SuiteCRM 8 and for the feedback.

If I got it right you are referring to the Create Task button on the activities subpanel. correct? Something like:


If you were referring to the above. That is a known issue. This has been fixed and should come on the next minor release

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