SuiteCRM8.2.2 with Nextcloud 25.0.2 possible? How?

sadly installed the newest suiteCRM and nexcloud versions (8.2.2 and 25.0.2).
Now I read that only suiteCRM 7 with nextcloud 24 works.
Is this true?

Is there a way to get both new versions to work together, or do I need to setup all again with the older versions?

If there is a way, how?
(maybe only a path to change so nextcloud can see the suiteCRM?

’ SuiteCRM integration

No SuiteCRM OAuth app configured. Ask your Nextcloud administrator to configure SuiteCRM connected accounts admin section.’)

I spent like 20 hours one weekend trying to get 7 to work with NextCloud plugin. I finally did. Here is a link to my blog article with instructions. I gave up on 8. The issue is the URL to the API is not the same and won’t work. I tried .htaccess redirect to try and get it to connect the right URL, but that didn’t work either. I don’t think version 8 will work with the current Nextcloud plugin.

Also, it doesn’t really do anything. It’s kind of a waste of time. All it did for me was to post SuiteCRM events on the Nextcloud dashboard.

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Hi @pstevens,
yes, I have seen your docs, thank you for that!
Sadly I found too late that 8 is not working and there is no docs yet.

By the way, the API prob I got help here (looks like a very good forum!), it’s on vers.8.2.2 on:

Anyway, guess I have to understand how Nextcloud coding connects to accounts and other apps.
So if anybody has tips/docs here, please post.

I have it working on version 7. It doesn’t connect to accounts or anything else. All it does is add “Events” = Meetings/Calls to the home screen of Nexcloud in a widget. Also, I’ve found the time is off, think it’s a timezone thing but haven’t got to the bottom of it.

Hehe, yes I have seen that :wink: :+1:

What does the SuiteCRM/Nextcloud integration plugin do?

Really, not much. It’s kind of disappointing.

My boss might want more apps to be connected and suiteCRM connection expanded.
So guess I have to learn how that is done in Nextcloud.
It’s only sad that there is no especial tutorial about, cause that would speed things up…

Well, looks like I found now something: User provisioning API — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Since I read that the API on 25 is on
and made few app-skeleton tutorials I changed
<nextcloud min-version="22" max-version="24"/> into 25
in nextcloud/apps/integration_suitecrm/appinfo/info.xml

Also on nextcloud/apps/integration_suitecrm/lib/Service/SuiteCRMAPIService.php

$url = $suitecrmUrl . '/Api/index.php/V8/' . $endPoint;
$url = $url . '/Api/access_token';


$url = $suitecrmUrl . '/public/legacy/Api/index.php/V8/' . $endPoint;
$url = $url . '/public/legacy/Api/access_token';

The connected-accounts page in administration settings for SuiteCRM integration appears now.
But as newbie I might got stuck with the OAuth2, keys or sort,
SuiteCRM instance address , user name or password creditals.

On logs it always says "/index.php/apps/integration_suitecrm/oauth-connect","message":"Could not detect any host

I have read your tutorial, but on the SuiteCRM integration, I’m not sure what to fill in exactly (is it a PHP/server-path, is it a url? etc.). Also I might have made errors with the keys…

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Seems I got it working with 8.2.2 and 25.0.2 with the changes (without the /public) above :smiley:
I get the ‘x Connected as Administrator’ window now.

Info for others, in case you need to change the ID and secret, like me because I thought I had the false password-type: It’s in nextcloud-DB hidden not in a table with ‘integration_suitecrm’, but in ‘oc_appconfig’ and ‘secret’ is in plain text (sic!).

Don’t know if the integration does any useful and it’s bad that it’s so stupid not to change ID and secret easier (the app lets you not switch to former windows-fields). I’m thinking to fork and add own extensions.
Also I’m new to this, so not sure all is propper working now. :wink: