SuiteCRM7 Reports module exports doesn't work properly

When I create a report for the Opportunities module and try to export it, it is exported in dollar format for amount column. (Both Opportunity amount and Amount columns are exported in the same way)

Excepted csv Output:

My csv Output:

My second problem is that Turkish characters are not exporting properly.
Expected Output: fırsat
My Output: fırsat

My suitecrm version : Version 7.11.22

Hi tomysawyer,

I have added a new currency in Pound as you can see in the above screenshot.

In this screenshot, you can see the currency added in Pound but CRM converted in USA dollar.

When I create a report, all opportunities are displayed with their currencies and currency symbols on the when I export the opportunity, currency uploaded on

(There is no problem at the moment in currency converting)

Hi @tomysawyer,

Firstly, I would suggest upgrading to 7.12.3 as this may resolve the Turkish Characters issues you are seeing. (Note: Please do not run the database encoding repair script yet as it is currently broken, for more info see the release notes)

Secondly, I believe the export is working as intended with all data which is saved to the database being converted to the default currency (Normally USD $).

If you do believe this to be a “bug”, (Not converting currency correctly etc) some more info would be appreciated also; Which currency do you have set in the Locale, which currency are you creating the records in? (See user preferences) Does the record display the right value in the detail view of the report? and wrong in the export?

Other config options;

If you want to change the default currency & therefor default export you can do so in Locale within admin panel. (Note: When updating default currency name be aware that the value itself is not converted. I.E system thinks $100, you change Default system thinks £100, it does not convert to the actual value, £74 leaving the whole system a bit out a sync. Using workflows/many other methods you can work around this issue. Let me know if you do wish to go down this path and I can fire some more suggestions your way)

Could you give us a tad more info as to what you’d like to achieve? Are you looking for each exported record to;

  • Have the currency value that it was entered in?
  • Have the currency preference of the current user?
  • Contain the value of more than one currency per field?

Hello @Mac-Rae thank you for your answer.
I’ll look 7.12.3 for update.

For currency problem; Actually my problem is that the currency symbol is not displaying properly.
(I’ve read that the Opportunity Amount column shows the selected currency with symbol when creating the opportunity, I hope it’s true)

When I create a report, all opportunities are displayed with their currencies and currency symbols on the report display screen. However, when I export, all the records’ currency symbols shows dollar symbol instead of their own currency symbols. (There is no problem at the moment in currency converting)



I’ll do a tad reading into this for you and get back with any information I can find :+1:

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