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After downloading SuiteCRM on my local drive how do I login do start making entries? How do I create accounts for each staff member to start using SuiteCRM?

Is it just a normal desktop computer you intend to run it on? SuiteCRM is web based so would normally be hosted on a web server.

Presuming you know this and have a server set up then you should download it to your public web directory. Next you need to set the files to the correct permissions. For example for a Linux server all files in the suite directory should be owned by your apache user, most files should have 755 permissions, except the following which should have 775:

cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

After that go to the install page in your browser. So lets say you have it in a directory called suite in the root of your webdirectory you’d go to


and follow the on screen instructions.

If you don’t your machine set up as a webserver it may be easier to use the bitnami install which installs everything required for you:

or we offer hosting here:

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So after downloading the files I just need to upload them on my system which supports MYSQL and PHP. Do I also need to create MYSQL database?

The install process will create the database for you as long as you already have mysql installed. It asks you for database username and password and creates the appropriate tables for you.