suitecrm workflow add relationship choices


I am trying to add a relationship in the workflow but the choices is limited.
I believe it should have “parent id” like in the previous versions of suitecrm.

Please check the attached image to see what I am referring to.

Suitecrm version: 7.9.8

And what would the parent of a Contact be?

Hi pgr,

I really appreciate your time in reading my concern.

In an older suitecrm, I have many choices in the “add relationship” of the workflow.
But in the new suitecrm, I only have 2 choices.

Please see screenshots for comparison.

Not sure why there is only limited choices in the new suitecrm but I believe something is wrong?
The new crm is fresh installed in another server.

Do you have any idea for this?

Hi pgr,

Quick Repair and Rebuild & Rebuild Relationships did the trick.