SuiteCRM Web To Lead Form Redirect URL extra fields


New to SuiteCRM and have an issue with the the redirect after form post from web page. I have my form on a DNN and am able to post but on the redirect, the URL has several extra fields and tags after the URL I had provided as it causes a 404 error. Is it possible for SuiteCRM to simply redirect to the actual redirect url provided without sending back the extra tags and fields in the URL?


upon submit the it redirects to:"/?__EVENTTARGET=&__EVENTARGUMENT=&__VIEWSTATE=…

this is causing to redirect to an unknown page on DNN.
Any help is appreciated

SuiteCRM: 7.9x
platform: DNN 9.x

Sameer Jaffer

If I’m not mistaken, this is the guilty code

If you can play with that to check if you can remove that extra data from the URL, you might solve you problem.

I wonder why any data gets appended to that URL, it is normally an external URL which doesn’t need to understand what is being sent…

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hey i tried this and it works but only on desktop not on mobile.

Any suggestions?

Can you document the differences between what is happening on desktop vs mobile?

In your Browser’s developer console, Network tab, you might be able to spot the differences.