SuiteCRM vs other CRMs

Hello, I am currently using SuiteCRM as our CRM for sales in our small company.

Generally speaking SuiteCRM does everything we need however it is not setup to use it to anywhere near its full potential.

Due to a few issues (which I will detail below), I have been looking around at other CRM platforms (online based solutions where you pay monthly fee) and the one that has shon out to me is ZohoCRM. Monthly fees are fairly high when you have multiple users and I am trying to weigh up the benefits compared to SuiteCRM.

However having looked further into it… all CRMs seem to do pretty much ‘the same thing’ - only they all look a little different to one another but the end result remains the same.

The reason for making this post is that I wanted to see others opinions as the problem I have with SuiteCRM is that ours is not setup properly to do what we need. Basically I need some professional help as the issues we have are as follows:

  1. Sometimes the SuiteCRM website is extremely slow (this could be due to it being hosted on our shared web server)

  2. Loading page shows undefined message in centre of page - is this normal?

  3. Bugs where you export or mass update many leads at once (website crashes and doesn’t update).

  4. Assistance needed for setting up our emails inside of SuiteCRM so we can auto email from mass emailing directly from SuiteCRM.

May there be individual support people can offer on these matters?

I just dont know whether its worth going for another online based CRM as paying monthly means they will offer me support on an ongoing basis and with SuiteCRM I just feel a little lost.

I understand its a great CRM in itself and I am not faulting it in any way I just wanted to see others thoughts based on the above and where I can go with this.


  1. slowness: there are some general workarounds, like decreasing the loglevel. Some tweaks are mentioned here: Performance Tweaks :: SuiteCRM Documentation, others can be found here in the community.
  2. “undefined” is a common problem, usually the ownerships/permissions of the suite files are not set correctly (see the installation manual for the necessary commands)
  3. sounds like a timeout (PHP: Runtime Configuration - Manual) ? have you seen more details in the logs?

your last point needs a bit more explaining, but if you would like to do mass mailings, the campaign module should be used.

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