SuiteCRM very slow and buggy

Hi, I’ve installed and then re-installed SuiteCRM using softaculous on my web hosting, but I’m having ongoing problems with it. I’ve never used suiteCRM before so I’m not sure how normal these issues are to be honest, so apologies for that.

At first I had issues with the login - it was a constant battle to login at all, sometimes it would work, usually it wouldn’t - so I re-installed to the latest version (8.1.2 from 8.1.0).

Now when I use the system, it’s very slow. It often takes 10-20 seconds or longer for any screen to load data. I regularly get dialogue boxes that say things like ‘Error occurred while retrieving records’, and if I check the console I see 404 errors and ‘could not load content for…’ type stuff.

I tried running suiteCRM’s internal fix from the admin panel, but that didn’t seem to help much.

Is there any way I can fix this, is there an absolute tank version of suiteCRM that will work no matter what? I don’t need lots of new fancy features, just the standard CRM stuff, records, email integration etc.

First of all, I’d recommend NOT installing SuiteCRM with Softalicious or Installatron or similar. I always have issues! Usually with file permissions and ownerships.

Installing SuiteCRM according to the documentation is the best way to install it (you can always add it to softalicious or installatron afterwards for the backup features).

The errors you are describing sound a lot like file permissions and file ownership issues. You can either try to re-set the file permissions and ownership via SSH on your current installation, or do a proper install without Softalicious.

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Thank you for your help, although I have done some development work using the command line and I could probably ham-fist my way through the installation, I wouldn’t be that confident using SSH (I have other sites hosted on the server and I might wipe something important in my over-exuberance). Do you know of any ‘absolute idiot’s’ guide to installing suiteCRM on a remote server using the command line?

I’m not sure there will ever be a definitive answer to this question other than no!

There are just too many potential variables, what is a server, or even what is SuiteCRM in total? I can’t answer those two fundamental questions the same way twice, and that makes it next to impossible to answer your hypothetical.

All I can say is that you could find a reliable and repeatable solution for instralling your own server, and then rolling out your own CRM.

Is the question analgous to asking something like, “Why does Docker exist?” or “Why does Vagrant exist?”

Sorry for not being more helpful.

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