SuiteCRM version 8 developer course

Good morning, I want to inquire if anyone knows of any courses for suiteCRM developers version 8. If you know someone who offers courses on programming structures and files at the programming level, the truth is that I am new. I have already created several topics to clarify doubts about specific files or errors, and honestly, I am having a hard time getting the hang of development since it is not well documented or clear, for example, which files need to be modified to customize any customization or if when correcting an error where and at what level the changes should be updated because sometimes using the “quick repair and rebuild” option is not enough. For the company I work for, we are looking for a specialized development course. If you know of any that you can recommend or someone experienced who offers specialized courses, we would be delighted to get in touch. Currently, we are using suiteCRM version 8.2.1.

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Hey @Tatiana,

As posted by @pstevens, SalesAgility provides paid developer training:

Some other resources:

I would also recommend:

  1. Understanding symfony:

  2. Understanding angular:

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Thank you very much pstevens and anthony.oak.castro.

I saw it, I guess class 3 is for developers. Do you know if it’s good or if it’s comprehensive, or if it explains in detail at the programming/development level?

You can check out @pstevens channel too!

Great, I’ll check it out now, thank you very much!