Suitecrm V8 rest api access token

How to get V8 rest api access token based on username/password instead of consumer keys?

Hey there,

Have you found out how to the Access token via Password Clients?

There is a page regarding the V8 Api here on our Documentation: JSON API :: SuiteCRM Documentation

Have you gone through this?

There are many ways to go about getting the Access Token

As an example, here is a quick RAW/JSON POST request:

(where client_id / client_secret / username are all unique to my instance.
All of these are set up in the Admin->OAuth2 Clients and Tokens panel)

At what point in the process are you having issue?

@John thanks for info.
As I mentioned I need if there is any way to use V8 api without consumer keys (like client_id/secret in you mentioned) are specific to your instance or profile. I need some generic way to access api based on users credentials without any additional keys.

For example I am accessing V41 (legacy rest) api only based on username/password with service url and it gives me token to access api further. So here user just need to add 3 things only (server url + username + password) only.

PS: I am using it for iPhone mobile app.