SuiteCRM v8.5.1 - negative values on opportunity currency fields wont work anymore?

we are coming from v7.14.3 and upgraded to v.8.5.1. and could not find a previous topic.

We used in v7.x in our opportunities negative values to build and report credit notes.
I found out that in v.8.5.1. the currency field doesn’t accept a - (minus) in front of the value and a yellow field shows up “There are validation errors, unable to perform action”
I hope this screenshot can help you to understand the issue, “new user can just use 1 media file… damn :)”

there is also a view of two values we have in our opportunities modul; the lower values shows an entry we made with v7.x.
So it was possible :slight_smile:

How can we get it back to work / accepted again negative values / minus sign in v.8.x?

Thanks in advance

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Can you please make an issue for this on Github?

You can copy-paste these notes there:

Apparently the regexp in core/app/core/src/lib/services/formatters/number/number-formatter.service.ts, function getFloatUserFormatPattern doesn’t allow negative numbers, which doesn’t seem appropriate for floats.

When handling currencies, this is called from StandardValidatorFn in core/app/core/src/lib/services/record/validation/validators/currency.validator.ts

Thank you pgr!

We created a post there

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hey @bebop! I think you try this solution:
a) Use the “Discount Amount” field: This field allows negative values and can be used to represent the credit amount on an opportunity. Be sure to configure the discount to apply to the entire opportunity amount, not just specific line items.
b) Create a custom field: You can create a custom decimal field specifically for credit notes. This field can then be used to track and report on credit amounts associated with opportunities.