SuiteCRM v.7.11.2 is Silent Upgrade available?


The documentation for SuiteCRM Update mentions “Silent upgrade” and also that is available from 7.11.3 .
Actually we have 7.11.2 and if I go to FS into modules/UpgradeWizard I find informations about silent upgrade with also php script.

Can I use it to upgrade our CRM?

I have tried several times to update using Upgrade Wizard, but the procedure go to 504 Gateway Time-out error. I followed all the steps mentioned in the guide without success, so I’ll would try silent upgrade .

any suggestions?
Thank a lot

Hi. The process was there a long time ago, but nobody used it, and it recently got fixed.

However, I don’t think the silent upgrade will solve your particular problem.

It’s likely you’re simply hitting a resourse limit. Please check (and possibly increase) these values in your php.ini:

max_execution_time (this is likely the culprit)

Then restart your web server and retry normal upgrade.

I ran the script to update SuiteCRM to 7.11.6 from console instead of the update wizard to try to avoid those time out errors. Everything was fine. Quick and easy. Great solution if you have hosted your SuiteCRM in a limited web hosting and can’t tweak the php.ini.