SuiteCrm Upload File Field

Hi Everyone
I want to create a custom module with upload file functionality.
there is not upload field in the CRM :frowning:
image upload field works only with images.
Can you help me please

Thanks in Advance
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There are a few options in which you can employ. You can add a field in studio and set the data type to image. You can create a one-to-many relationship to the notes module. This will allow you to attach many files to each record using a subpanel. You can also create a custom file module in module builder which will have it’s own custom file upload field.

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Just create a module in module builder of ‘file’ type.
It will get created with upload file field.

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hi this is great for single file upload field

may i ask how to do multiple file upload field for edit view like so?


For multiple file uploads there is a plugin available on Suite Store.

This is what you are looking for.

yes cherub i saw that as well.

its abit expensive so i thought if its possible to build it myself?

I would like multi Upload too. Im actually setting up a form outside of SuiteCRM using Wordpress just working out the best way to get the data into SuiteCRM. Im capturing form data that Id like to then place in Project module, The data will then populate a PDF form (WP plugin), and Users will upload multiple documents (WP plugin) .

Thats a nice looking form you have. Are you using inside the CRM? Are all of the separate file upload fields working to attach files?


Did you solve this?

Thank you.

Anyone managed to create FILE custom type field or MULTIPLE FILES custom type field ?
I am interested

For multiple files see “collection file” type contributed by @p.konetskiy here:


Try the File Fields plugin. Works fine!

When you click on choose file button, do you have the option to upload new file or you can just choose one file that it is already uploaded.