SuiteCRM Upgrade - Changes on Database

Hi Everyone,

I have been searching on this topic for a while, but could not answer my question yet.

What happens to the database when we upgrade SuiteCRM via user interface OR does anything happen/change on the database?


Some upgrades change the database, others don’t.

The upgrader runs scripts, these will alter the database if needed.

Why do you ask?

The main reason why we question database changes during upgrade process is, we want to know where to check if we encounter any issues during an upgrade process. For instance,#5920 - After upgrade from 7.10.4 to 7.10.5 database failure.

Besides, we change some drop-down values, we also change the original database values. We want to make sure if those values will not be affected by any upgrade process.

If the upgrade is going to make some changes on the database, is there any log where we can track changes?

Normally you shouldn’t have to be concerned with this.

That Issue you linked, it’s a code bug, not a database problem. The code was writing a wrong query, the database hadn’t been changed.

Note that database changes will likely only happen in big versions, not minor versions (so, 7.10.0 might change the database, but 7.10.6 is unlikely to).

About the drop-downs and other changes you do, if you follow best-practices to make your changes upgrade-safe, you don’t have to worry about upgrades changing them. For dropdowns, this would mean editing PHP files in custom directory, not editing the database.

But even if you decide to update the Dropdown values in the database, then that is the only thing you have to check after the upgrade. Are your values still there?

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