Suitecrm update 7.4.1 - favourites funtionality


I have upgraded suitecrm 7.2.2 without any customizations to 7.3.2 and than to 7.4.1,
Inline editing was activated from config_override.php but the favorites functionality is somehow missing or I can not see it.

I have triggered all Repair and Rebuild including javascript actions
Cleared the cache and logged out/in

Is there a wiki article or screenshots how the favorite system should work?



There isn’t documentation, however there is a SuiteCRM Userguide in the works.

The favourites functionality should just be:

You can click on a Star symbol to “Favourite” a record. See screenshot 1

This will show on the “Favourites” section on the left of the CRM. See screenshot 2

When you run a Quick Repair and Rebuild, Scroll to the bottom of the page that appears. If any changes appear to “Execute”, do so.
What theme are you using? You can check your theme by clicking on your name on the top-right of the CRM. On the page that loads, select the “Themes” tab


I see the two stars on each screen (one black, one white). But nothing happens when I click on it. I already did quick and repair. Do I have to activate something ?

I’m using the Suite R thema.

With the help of your screenshots, I was able to find it, was searching on ListViews for stars

Would it be possible to favourite multiple entries from the ListView?