SuiteCRM to new Server

Hi guys i have “move” my SuiteCRM to a new Server but when i trying to open any attachment documents i get Invalid File Reference maybe i need to move another folder with the upload files?

I think i fix it just need to upload the Upload folder


UPDATE: How I manage to include the custom field that I made on the old server?

When you move servers you have to perform at least the following things:

  1. Reset permissions, owner ond group (this depends on the system you are on)
  2. Edit config.php and update host_name, site_url and other the references to the old url or folders with the new ones
  3. Update the database information in config.php ('db_host_name, db_user_name, db_password, db_name, db_type)
  4. Edit .htaccess and update the references to the old folder
  5. Login as Admin and perform a Quick Repair and Rebuild, possibly more than once
  6. Log out
  7. Reset permissions again
  8. Now you should be able to use it

Possibly you will also have to clear the browser cache

For more information search the forum: there are plenty of posts on the argument.

this what I do @amariussi

I have SuiteCRM for a long time in a Directory call crm3
and now I just install a fresh SuiteCRM using Softlucus in the Cpanel and I put it in a directory call CRM

I have to edit the fresh SuiteCRM config file and put the old database information also I upload the upload directory from the previous version and I have all my attachment file - great!

I do the step you said but i can get the field i made to be display i see the field in the studio but not in the modules.

You have to move the custom folder, all the customizations are there.

Be careful, especially if you are crossing SuiteCRM versions (it would be better to migrate servers without upgrading versions at the same time).

Make a copy of the current (freshly installed) custom directory on the new server, before you overwrite it, just in case something breaks.

You said that you were moving from one server to another.

Now you specified that you are trying to migrate an old db as well as uploaded files to new install. Probably you also want to keep customisations.

In any case this is more difficult to achieve and, most likely you will have to carry out some manual work, such as layouts and certain customisations.

Why dont you move the old instance to the new location and then upgrade it? In this way you will save all your customisations without much effort.

In addition to my previous post you can have a look here:

and search in the forum: I remember that someone from SalesAgility had once explained how to achieve what you are looking to achieve, although you would have to recreate customised layouts, if I remember well.