SuiteCRM Time Picker -> change to manual enter field

Hi everyone!

Is it possible to change the date/time picker on different date fields that the user can enter the time on himself and not picking by a generated list?
Because our users entering time like 15:34 which is not possible yet.

Thank you

Not really, manual entry is not possible directly. You may need to create a field and it will be a long story.
or another way is
You need to update dropdown for a minute, I believe that will lead you to unupgradesafe change

Thank you for your answer!

So its also not possible to replace the whole date/time picker with something else like another js library - like the one SugarCRM is using?

The β€œlong story” would be a new custom field, and some before_save logic_hooks where you get the field, transform it to a time and add it to the current date/time field, right?

If you have developer skill you may opt for 2nd Option that update minute drop-down.
But You need to make note if those changes are un upgrade safe change.