SuiteCRM Slow

We have SuiteCRM running on a Windows IIS Server and database is on SQL Server.

Both IIS and SQL Server performance seems fine.

Using the website seems fine, but when we try to view contacts it can take approx 8-10 seconds for it to display.

If an event is selected it can take over 30 seconds to open, also choosing export to excel takes ages too.

Any ideas?

It all comes down to the amount of resources you have allocated to the system. I’ll recommend you to start by tuning up your PHP and SQL server.

Take a look to the recommended setup for PHP on this Guide:



Thanks for the link.

PHP seems to be configured as recommended in the install guide.

General opening the link and going to the tabs seems fine.

But when we try to view contact and view Events it can take while to open.
Seems retrieving data from SQL is slow.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

Take a look into these links to see if you can boost your performance:



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