SuiteCrm slow response after new installation

Hello everyone,

After several test installation on various virtual machine and on an old pc, I did yesterday the final install on the new production server.
Everything configured as in all the previous tests, but the new install feels sluggish: page opening is ok, but every modification, especially the ones done in studio is very slow, like 20+ seconds to create a new field compared to the near instant creations on the previous installations.

Even the installation itself was slow, the install went fine but got stucked on “installation finish”, like some sort of timeout, same thing that happened loading a custom module I previously made, it was loaded but the loading screen itself got stuck.

This is the current setup:
Centos 8 on a 2core 8gb ram virtual machine over windows server 2019
Suitecrm 7.11.18

Previous setups where all VM over wmvare player on intel i3-i5 or a direct install on a 2 core pentium with 2-4gb ram.
The only difference is the scrm version, the test where all done with older versions, mainly 7.11.15.

Did I forget some parameters or permit that is now different from previous releases?


Update: I’ve just discovered i’m an idiot who didn’t check the compatiblity matrix before the install:

I was able to downgrade php without reinstalling everything, but MariaDb is still on 10.3 currently not supported.
Is it possible that the slow performances especially in writing data comes from this?


One of my installation use MariaDB version 10.3.21 without problems.