Suitecrm single database 2 systems

Hello all.
I have both systems … fedora 20 and Windows 7. Trying to see what happens in a failover scenario when one of the systems is broke down and by taking the database from fedora as example to tranfer it in my windows machine to continue. Well it works well but not all the changes from my primary fedora machine reflected to my windows machine when the database exported and imported from one machine to another. Am I missing something?

Thanks a alot

Hi Stratus,

Are both databases running on the same engine? What changes are not reflected in the CRM? Some of these may/will be config.php settings and not stored in the database.



Well in Linux Fedora 20 I got installed suitecrm-7.1.2-0 same as windows.
I now as we speak create new account in the suite and see that changes are not reflected in the database.
I got since saturday a created user called expenses and even this one does not appeared in the database

I even got a second user money for the suite, added in user management as simple user which cannot find it in the database.

Hello, how are you doing the database transfer from Fedora to Windows ?

I think you should configure both systems to access a database in a different computer, so that you don’t need to transfer databases…

The reason that I am doing that is that I examine the disaster case and what happens in database, since the suitecrm can be installed again. I noticed though that when doing changes in window system changes are affected immediately e.g when add user I can see it in the database. The same does not happen in linux box, e.g add user in linux suitecrm box and can not see in the linux database. So there is a permission problem but I do not know how and where can this be done.

Make sure your database user has the right permissions to read and write from all the tables…


GRANT ALL ON suitecrm_db.* TO suitecrm_user@localhost IDENTIFIED BY suitecrm_user_password ;

(run on fedora’s mysql server, substitute db name, user and pass for your values, of course.)

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