SuiteCRM Self-Hosted Chat Engine

Hi All,

Did someone integrate suiteCRM with self-hosted chat engine like ejabberd?
Could you tell me how to develop the connector to integrate the chat engine with suiteCRM module (lead, contact, case)?
Or, is there any reference to develop the connector to integrate suiteCRM with other 3rd party app?


I don’t know the exact answer to what you ask, let me try just to give a few tips for your research…

I know you can easily add a dashlet with a Web page inside it. This way you can include the Chat on your Home screen.

Then to integrate you can make the Chat software call SuiteCRM’s API remotely.

In the other direction, for SuiteCRM to be able to act on the Chat, you would have to program some PHP (logic hooks, probably) to call some command to write on the Chat’s database, or to call the Chat’s API, if there is one.

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