SuiteCRM SAML - Azure AD integration

I was wondering if there is any consolidated documentation available of the steps that one needs to follow to integrate Azure AD with SuiteCRM. Can someone help me by listing down steps to do this. I tried doing this by following the Microsoft KB on SAML with SuiteCRM but that is only leading to an error that Application with identifier was not found on the directory.

Hey there,

Are you still having issues with this?

I haven’t used AzureAD myself, im afraid

But, I’ve had a look around, and a few different users on this forum all point to:

Is this perhaps the Microsoft KB you were referring to?

it is for SugarCRM, but I imagine it should largely be the same process for SuiteCRM

A github user has also provided a plugin of sorts to achieve this:

(However, I haven’t verified its validity)

I hope anything above can assist!