SuiteCRM Sales Commission

Now it is possible to calculate Sales Commission in SuiteCRM.

Sales Commission plugin is used to Calculate Commission based on module fields or product based(for Quotes and Invoice Module) depending on sales employee.

  • You can give commission to user Percentage basis or Fixed Amount basis.
  • You can also auto generate sales commission, It will automatically send email to user of commission.
  • You can also export Sales Commission in PDF, CSV, EXCEL formats.

Below are the features which have been taken into consideration :

  1. Sales commission
  • Setup commission for you Team
  • Setup commission on number of products of amount
  • Calculate commission on % or $ basis
  • Schedule commission report automatically through email
  1. Calculate commission
  • Calculate commission of all sales employees
  • Run commission for the date period
  • Select fields needed in commission report
  1. Commission Template
  • Set commission template for the report
  • Define Header and Footer for Commission export report in PDF

For more information : Sales Commision in SuiteCRM.

Watch demo at : Sales Commission in SuiteCRM