SuiteCRM Roadmap Update

We have recently updated our Roadmap to share with you, our plans for future releases. As you will see, we have decided to continue to develop SuiteCRM 7 and are now currently working on the next feature release - 7.13.

The 7.13 release will focus on the changes needed to implement a new solution due to the deprecation of Basic Authentication in Exchange online by Microsoft, as well as improving the current email configuration options. We are also looking at introducing new Access based Logic Hooks which will give the option to over-ride how user access works for certain modules.

In conjunction with 7.13, we are continuing with our development of SuiteCRM 8 and currently working on a 8.3 release. This release will focus on enhancements to Sub panels, where users can choose between pagination or load more when viewing records/details as well has having filtering options available. In addition to this, we are redesigning the notifications area, including the ability to ‘Snooze’ a notification if not required just now.

Following on from these 2 releases, there will be a 7.14 Extended Support Release and a 8.4 feature release where we intent to enhance SuiteCRM 8 even further.

If you have any comments or queries regarding the Roadmap, please let us know.


Hello @g.martin

You recently updated your roadmap to share with us your plans for future releases. It is good, excellent. But the problem is that the developer documentation is not properly maintained within suitecrm 8. x. So we are facing many problems.

So I would suggest, you provide the same documents for the required customization so that we can do the customization for our client.



Hi @chirag_biz309

Many thanks for your comments and feedback.

We do provide documentation along with each release, to explain new features, but realise the User and Developer guides haven’t been updated at the same time in all instances. This is something we will address going forward, as we look for a better way to present the documentation, to ensure each user is looking at the correct version for their system.


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Hello @g.martin,
the release of version 7.14 has been postponed again. Now the release is planned for June 2023. Is it realistic to expect the release in June or is there a risk that it will be postponed again? What is recommended in the meantime due to the EOL status of PHP 7.4?
Regards, Maxime

Hi @mbaranzke

The dates given on the roadmap as estimates, which we try to stick to as best we can. However there are times when we need to adjust the estimations to ensure that when we deliver the release it is the best it can be, which we hope you can understand.

SuiteCRM 7.14 is being worked on currently, to ensure that it can support the latest PHP release (8.2+), but will be an Extended Support Release (ESR) and will be the final release in the 7 series. As such we would encourage all clients to transition to SuiteCRM 8 over the next 12 months.