Suitecrm reports not saved in dashboard

Hello everyone, I was using suitecrm 7.11.8 and everything was fine, recently I decided to install suitecrm 7.12.6 I have 2 problems
1- when I create a new dashelet in my dashboard to put a report in it, I select the report I want and when I save it, nothing happens, the report does not display however this operation worked normally in suitecrm 7.11.8.
2- So i decide to “Quick Repair and Rebuild” crm 7.12.6 and when i do this message appears:

“The following script will sync the database structure with the structure defined in the vardefs. You have the option of exporting this script and then running it against your database using external database management tools, or to allow the administration module to run the script.”

When I Execute the script and "Quick Repair and Rebuild " suitecrm, the same message appears again.

does anyone have any idea or solution for this probemes please???

does anyone can help me?

I don’t know about the reports.

About the QR&R scripts, I have an installation where I get that same problem, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. Just run the scripts once and ignore the detection of mismatched fields the next time.

I do hope this gets fixed in the next version…

When I say, “I have the same problem” I am assuming it’s the same script that gets suggested to us, but I can’t be sure. Maybe you can copy paste the contents here (or a chunk of it, if it is too large).

Hi @milikyu, have you got anything on suitecrm.log or on your PHP error_log?

hello guys, i found a solution about the reports, it was because of php 8 (i install suitecrm on IIS with php 8) but when i change it to php 7.4.30 it works normally.
Thank you.

It would be nice if you could go back to PHP 8.0 temporarily and provoke the error one last time, and then come back here and give us what you found in the php_errors.log (the FATAL that PHP 8.0 is throwing).