SuiteCRM Reports and Charts


SuiteCRM Reports and Charts miss quite a few features.
Here are a few capabilities that I feel would be extremely useful:

1- Multiple Charts in a report with different group fields.
Currently, Group fields are defined at the Report level. It would be good if they could be defined at the Charts level.
For example, I would like to be able to create one single report for Opportunities where I would have
. one bar or pie chart for Total amount per Sales Stage
. one bar chart for Total amount per Sales Rep (Assigned user)
. one bar chart for Number of opportunities per Sales Rep (Assigned user)
For that I would need to group the first chart by Sales Stage and choose Sum for Amount.
The third chart would have Assigned User as group field and Count function for ID field (not displayed in the report)

2- User definable Calculated field
Example: Weighted amount of opportunity (probability*amount)
Of course these could be done using custom field calculated with a workflow, but this would have to be done for each calculated field of each report even when these fields are only useful in Reports.

3- Use relationship fields in reports
This is necessary for Events module to build reports showing Delegates having accepted or attended the event

4- Missing relationship
Example: Being able to find Contacts that have NOT been called within the last 6 month
This is probably easy to implement with a new IS NULL operator in the ID field of Call ID

All these features are available in KReports and, for these reasons, we still consider that plugin a must for SuiteCRM.

Some improvements are coming soon, you can preview the pre-launch documentation here:

That’s Analytics, which is not the same as Reporting, but it can gather data from the SuiteCRM Database and produce very nice Reports. So it’s not a replacement for KReports for everybody, but it will surely satisfy some cases, and with many additional benefits.

I don’t know much about this solution myself, yet, but I am hoping to give it a test-drive sometime soon…