SuiteCRM Report - Bar graphs by Status Dropdown

Hi Guys

Just a quick question about the reporter and best way to get the graph I need

Using Opportunities as an example

I have 10 opps with different (overall sales stage)

I can write a report that allows me to display all 10 opps and main group the table by overall sales stage dropdown

Using the ID field (I use Opp ID as we have multiple Opps named the same thing)

Using the Overall Sales Stage field

This shows me what I would like to see in the table! How many records in each status - Table result attached

Now, what I seem to have trouble completing is getting a graph to count each record and show against each option in the dropdown

For example

Closed won - 5
Closed Lost - 3

With a chart against each option within the overall sales stage dropdown

I aim for the chart results to be similar to the homepage Sales pipeline graph that clearly splits the bars by overall sales stage and gives you an accumulated £ amount for each sales stage

Instead of a accumulated financial I just want to see how many their are in each status

Hope someone has some advice
Thanks again

To get the chart you want, set the main group dropdown to none and instead check the group select box next to the sales stage field. Add id to your report and select count from the dropdown next to it. You then want to choose Sales stage as the x axis and id as the y axis.

I’ve attached some screenshots to demonstrate

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Thank you for the quick response and accurate information!

I knew there was something I was missing :slight_smile:

All sorted cheers!

Now onto writing 100 reports :slight_smile:
Thank again

Very usefull, it work’s for me too.
I’ve made a nice pie chart os Sales Stage. Saved the day!