SuiteCRM Reminder and NotifIcation

Reminder and Notification extension is now live .

Reminder and Notification extensions in SuiteCRM helps you to remind and notify for birthdays and anniversaries.

We forget birthdays and anniversaries and these days many social media remind as “Upcoming or Birthdays today” Even if Social Media reminds but you forgot - no one can help.

BUT your customers may not be in your Social Media friends list & SuiteCRM can help you wish them personally without remembering - automatically.

Don’t miss a chance to send important wishes to make a stronger bond with them every time.


  • Easily automated, simple SMS text, Email and InApp Reminders.

  • Reduces administrative tasks.

  • Improves and differentiates your client communication.

  • Guaranteed to reduce no-shows.

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Interesting. Im looking for easier ways or more robust ways to create reminders , alerts, when a task , has gone uncompleted.