Suitecrm Plugin Upgrade

Is there any possible way to upgrade the plugin version without uninstalling the previous version of the plugin?

Why are you concerned about this? I’d like to understand your problem better before proposing a solution…

Any way, I believe that you simply install the new version and it gets installed on top of the old one.

However, I don’t always recommend this - if the plugin touches core files (and they often do) then the way the Module Loader handles the installation is deficient, you don’t get a proper backup of core files, and so you can’t do a proper uninstall later.

Or you could, but it has to be manual, fishing for the files individually in the SuiteCRM repo.

My concern is that my client doesn’t wishes to see different versions of the same module in the module loader section, more likely the requirement goes like: if the current version is itself updated and it holds the functionality of the previous versions as well then why is there a need to display multiple versions of the same plugin in the module loader

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to be concerned with that, given the problems I outlined previously…