Suitecrm performance hung condition


I’ve been having performance problems with SuiteCRM. When accessing a registry or a module it takes 10 seconds or more to display the data. I restored a database backup from a few days before and the problem was fixed, but then again the problem came back. When running a query on the database the CPU use gets to 90% or more. previously i have upgraded the specs of the machine to 4 cores and 8gb ram but the problem persists.

I have another instance running fine and i replicated the same config in both (php.ini, my.cnf, apache, etc) but the trouble continues

I’d like some help to fix this problem.

Machine specs

Virtual Machine
Ubuntu server 16.04
4GB ram
2 Cores
Mysql Database
users aprox 5 at same time

try to isolate you server and with just one user put your logs in debug mode and see if there something wrong there

best regards

Hi Mike, i check the log and i dont find noting wrong with my app, i truncated 2 tables: calls and calls_cstm and the performance is better but i cant find the problem with the calls module.

can you help me?, i think this is related to calls module, my suite version is 7.6

do you have any workflows running? maybe you’ve created a loop in calls module

best regards

Nope, i dont have any workflow related to calls module, but when i clear the calls tables the performance goes fine, it´s very strange.

could you please make sure developer mode isnt on
Admin > System settings

Yes, developer mode is off, all the config in this instance is the same than another instance that goes fine

I appreciate your help