SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v4 only works with Microsoft Servers?

I read this today “SuiteCRM Outlook Add-in v4 will only support mail accounts that resist on the Microsoft platform” and I am hoping I have misunderstood.

You are only supporting Microsoft back-end servers???

I am hoping this does not mean that the V4 pluging cannot be used with 3rd party mail servers, Smartermail, Google, anything other than Microsoft the way that the current v3 plugin can.

Where did you read that?

copied from the store page:

We are already partially on Outlook 2019 and we do not use MS for our servers. This means we cannot continue to use the SuiteCRM plugin and will have to find an alternative.

I would hope you change your minds.

And good luck. As frequently as MS changes its own products without forewarning, you have set yourself up for a rough road ahead.

This is especially surprising coming from a company that exists solely based on an open community. It like Tesla saying they will only make cars autonomous on Toll Roads.