SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v3.0.1

Now available! - The official SuiteCRM Outlook Plug-in v3.0.1

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you the Ultimate Outlook plugin for SuiteCRM.

Available both from the SuiteCRM store and GitHub, the SuiteCRM Plug-in for MS Outlook (for Windows only) is a productivity-enhancing plug-in for synchronising Email, Contacts, and Calendar between SuiteCRM and Microsoft Outlook.

The SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v3.0.0 + is an open source LGPLv3 licensed plug-in.

You can purchase a licensed and supported version of plugin that will work out-of-the-box from the SuiteCRM store. Purchased versions are fully supported by the project and regular updates will be available to licensed users. You can acquire the code directly from the GitHub repository however it does not come with any support or warranties and may not always be the latest version.

You can purchase licenses here:

You can view the User Guides for installation here:

The Ultimate Outlook plugin for SuiteCRM is the only Outlook plugin recognised and supported by the SuiteCRM project. The revenues from the plugin will enable us to rapidly react to any changes that Microsoft makes to Outlook so that your plugin is always up-to-date.

Key Features
Features available in SuiteCRM Plug-in (Windows Users)

  • Synchronise contacts, calendar events and tasks from Microsoft Outlook to SuiteCRM.
  • Archive Outlook email to any module in SuiteCRM – Contacts, Accounts, Projects, Opportunities etc. and custom modules.
  • Archive email file attachments to SuiteCRM
  • Automatic archiving of emails.
  • Creation new SuiteCRM records (Contacts, Accounts etc.) directly from email.
  • Support and regular updates for purchased versions.
  • All purchasers of the Ultimate plugin will get support and updates automatically

The revenues from the license purchase are used to maintain, extend and improve both the Outlook plugin and core SuiteCRM.

do you provide a guide to compile the github code?

This is a feature we are looking for! How does this work? We want to create a new contact from outlook

Sounds good.

Actually I would prefer a perfect CalDAV and CardDAV integration in order to support open standards.
The idea: Connect SuiteCRM with a CalDAV and CardDAV-Server. Connect all PCs and mobile devices with the CalDAV and CardDAV-Server.
To be realistic: There hasn’t been such a solution since years so it won’t come.

So, a perfect SuiteCRM Outlook Integration is a solid step towards the right direction.

How does the new Original SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v3.0.1 compare to other solutions, e.g. the Implicit SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin?

Is the Outlook Plugin v3.0.1 for the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Outlook?

It should run on both. Its not processor specific.

I want to create my own plugin For Suite CRM Can please tell me how to develope it from scratch.

Hi Team,

I am just starting to use Outlook plugin v3.0.7.
It looks great, works fine.

But one practical question: Usually due to my processes, the opportunities has high level focus. I would like to archive my emails to the related opportunity. Manually that is clear how to do, but would be great if after the first archive, the further discussion would be syncronised automatically. For the same contact in the same time I have several open opportunity.

Let me know, if there is a solution for this in Suite.

In other systems I saw, that all opportunities has a dedicated email address in the crm and until this email address is in copy, all discussion are linked to the crm.

Thanks for your answer.


Finally updated to Outlook plugin v3.0.7. Great tool.

Dear All,

I am facing issues with Outlook plugin. Version 3.0.9, Suite version 7.10.4, PHP 7.1.15.
Attached you can find the alarm message. I found some discussions about this issue, that it is known as a problem with PHP 7 and future releases will fix it.
Any news regarding this by any of you?

Thanks for feedbacks.


Hi Prevotex,

Have you purchased the license via the store? If so you can raise a case there and tech support will assist.

But just a current workaround you can set your error_reporting off in your PHP settings in order to bypass this error.

Thanks for the answer.
Yes I have purchased the plugin in the store. I will ask support there.

Hi All,

I have still no solution, not even answer on this topic.

Your support is much appreciated.


Is there a way to compile this plugin ?

Hello. Is this plugin still maintained ?

The official support page is full of bug fixing requests without answers:

Is there any alternative to this plugin available ?

Thank you for your reply.

I’ve had almost the same issues recently…