SuiteCRM on Synology Docker

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to use Bitnami SuiteCRM docker image to run off my Synology Box.

I am using a DS916+

See discussion here:


  • The kernel version of the synology os is 3.10.105
  • 3.17 is the version where getrandom was introduced
  • SuiteCRM is using getrandom during setup
  • Copied from Discussion: During the httpd compilation it will look for getrandom in the kernel, if it doesn’t find it presumably a different method to get random numbers will be used instead. This is done at compile time though, not at runtime though. So you would not be able to run an httpd executable on a non-getrandom supporting kernel if it is compiled on a box with a getrandom supporting kernel.

Can anyone help me out moving forward? This is where I get stuck.