SuiteCRM on Shared Hosting 2021

We are new to SuiteCRM. We deal just with Shared Hosting. We want to use Suite for our small business.

We found hard to find info about installing SuiteCRM to a Shared Hosting, we want to keep things together, our webpage, mail and CRM.

So far, we dont know if thats possible to install the SuiteCRM on Shared comercial hosting like Dreamhost, Bluehost or Hostinger. We have failed in all as we cant give ownership to the files, exactly at the

sudo chown - R

All the information we found confirming this is possible, comes from 2013/2017 and things could have change. Im not a developer.

So, my question is quick: Is it possible to install the SugarCRM in a Shared Hosting in 2021? If so, what would be the way? Any precise resource to read or follow?

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome!

there is a similar (ongoing) thread about this topic:

but to put it in a nutshell: if you select your host carefully, you shouldn’t have problems running Suite.

E: You won’t find an installation manual that is valid for shared hosting in general, but the official manual is quite good:

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So, it is possible to install SuiteCRM in a Shared Hosting even with restriccions of SUDO commands like chown - R? What we couldnt do so far is set the ownership.

But, if is possible, we can focus on how, and stop finding other options that are outside the budget or convinience, but we havent found a clear yes or no so far.

It is not possible to post a tutorial that works for all providers there are - it depends on the chosen host. I installed Suite on multiple shared environments, but the necessary steps are always a bit different.

We’ll try to focus on the steps then. Thats the thing that I needed to know.

Yes, it’s possible and I have it running on my GoDaddy shared hosting. Had to make few changes before it became usable.

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Asahu, thanks.
We advanced a bit today, but not yet there.
We are having problema with ownership without SUDO.
How could you manage in your instalations? Can you point some clues so we can try?

Sometimes when the shared hostings are very restrictive and don’t let you touch ownerships, they actually leave them where they are supposed to be, meaning: it should all just work out-of-the-box, or perhaps need only a few tweaks.

So,be methodic: check your web server’s user name in Admin / Schedulers, it appears in the instructions at the bottom.

Then see if that matches the user name that owns your files. If it’s the same, your problem is not ownerships.

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PGR, in fact… We thought that last night, but didnt test or find out the ownership.
Now, we are getting the 404 error, with install.php and chperms.php, so im wondering because I think, as you said, that the error is else where.
I’ll find out the ownership today.
Thanks for your cooperation.

So, PGR. The owner of the files in /SuiteCRM is user “nr9fm3” and our user is “nr9fm3”.
Also, we ran :

ps aux | egrep ‘(apache|httpd)’

And it showed us this user in first column: nr9f+

Does this means that we are good with ownership? (i dont get why the user has a plus symbol instead of the other characters).

What about this? :point_up:

I don’t know what a + next to the username means. If it was a + next to the file permissions, it would mean an ACL was in use. Maybe there it means something similar. you could ask your hosting.

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The Support of the hosting told us that we are good to go. Almost in the same time, we do get to reach the install.php and we are ready to install in our shared hosting.
We might do a tutorial specific for shared hosting if this results in a good instalation.

The + symbol, according to the sopport, means that there are more characters at the right, but the output doesnt show them for any reason.

Anyways, im truly happy to see that is possible to reach the install.php. Maybe other issues could emerge, but thats part of the road now.

Thanks again guys.

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