SuiteCRM Not Logging Anything

Since a few months ago I’ve noticed that SuiteCRM is no longer logging anything to the log file, I ignored it as this was not really a problem at the time.

Today I was trying to upgrade from 7.10.31 to 8.2 so I first upgraded to 7.13.1 and noticed some bugs with custom fields and one plugin that I have, then proceeded to check the suitcrm.log file and it was missing. So I created one and set the permissions to the same as the other files in the root directory and still it just stays empty( tried every log level ). I’ve checked the config file, repaired it and the htaccess file still nothing. I also cheked php error logs and there are errors form SuiteCRM as expected but notthing that has to do with writing errors, or file permissions and so on.

I checked on my backup server and that is still on the previous version and same thing.
I’m really stumped on this one any help would be appreciated.

I’m running SuiteCRM on VPS
Ubunto server 20.04.3 LTS
Nginx 1.18.0
PHP 7.4