suiteCRM not loading when setup in shared hosting

Hi. I’ve set up the suiteCRM via softaculous to my website, but it still doesn’t load and finally gives error 500 internal server error. I can’t set ownership because it’s shared hosting. Is it possible to run suiteCRM in shared hosting?

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Yes absolutely possible and pretty straight forward. I run a few installations on Godaddy shared hosting and it works no problems. However, if you’re getting 500 errors you usually are having a resource problem. I get around this by installing a .user.ini file in the root directory. This and setting the permissions can both be done via FTP with Filezilla or similar. Here are my own installation instructions. Hope it helps:

Problem wih error messages showing up

You need to create a .user.ini file (including the preceeding dot) in the install instance directory. Add the following:

post_max_size = 60M
upload_max_filesize = 60M
max_input_time = 600
memory_limit = 256M
date.timezone = “America/New_York”
display_errors = Off
max_allowed_packet = 128M
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
max_execution_time = 6000

File Permissions

Please set the following permissions on your SuiteCRM instance:

sudo chmod -R 755
sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

Change Config.php

You have to set the file permissions.

array (
‘dir_mode’ => 1533,
‘file_mode’ => 436,
‘user’ => ‘’,
‘group’ => ‘’,

Recommended installation pre-requisites

XML Parsing
MB Strings Module
Writable SugarCRM Configuration File (config.php)
Writeable Custom Directory
Writable Modules Sub-Directories and Files
Writable Upload Directory
Writable Data Sub-Directories
Writable Cache Sub-Directories
PHP Memory Limit (at least 128M)
ZLIB Compression Module
ZIP Handling Module
PCRE Library
IMAP Module
cURL Module
Upload File Size
Sprite Support

I have several SuiteCRM instances installed via Softaculous and running on Arvixe (hosting provider) servers. Installation was fast (less than a minute), with no errors.

Does your hosting provider offer a control panel, such as “cpanel” or similar? If so, you can set file/folder permissions, do file edits, run uploads and downloads, etc. directly in that utility.

Also, Softaculous are very good at keeping up with the latest releases of SuiteCRM. If I see a new release before they do, a one-click on screen notification feature allows me to remind them … and their updated install script is usually available within 24 hours.

With Softaculous, to get the cron jobs operational, you will have to set cron_allowed_users manually in config.php - I’m afraid their installer runs as user “apache”, but then the app will use your specific user while running…

Once you set up cron, look into suitecrm.log to see the error message, it will contain the username you need to apply.

Hi, Im new to SuiteCRM and facing some errors, most probably is i didnt configure on “Recommended installation pre-requisites”, may I know where to do these serrings? Im using Godaddy Shared Hosting Plan (Linux).

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Follow what pstevens writes above.

The pre-requisites are “PHP modules” that you turn on in CPanel, I believe. If not, you’ll have to edit your php.ini, ask your hosting about it.

Hi, thank u for ur replied. After I tried to enabled all php modules, it still cant work, and Godaddy only provide phone support, I decided to hv a tried on AWS Free Tier and everything is working perfect. Most probably will move to AWS in future. :slight_smile: