SuiteCRM Multi tenancy

which is the best way to create a multi tenany site.
create a separate instance or any other way.

Yes, separate instances can be installed on the same server, and accessed from different URL’s.

You can also host several institutions in the same instance, and separate data using security groups, but this is much trickier to get right and is harder for security set up. There are only a few cases where this can be advisable, for example: the same owner runs 3 different companies, wants them in one place, with separation, but isn’t too worried if occasionally someone from one company once sees a bit of data from the other due to some misconfiguration.


Thanks for your replay,
How can I separate database using suitecrm.

In My application there is one source code and i want to company wise separate database.

Please help me.

You can use security groups:

But again - if these several companies aren’t owned by the same entity, don’t follow this route. You will get into trouble.

If your problem is just sharing your code changes across several clients, you should be looking at how to deploy through “git”, for example, not at mixing several clients in one instance.

Is multi tenancy possible at DB level? Means DB level physical segregation of data for each client.
Means I have created a product over SuiteCRM, now selling at SaaS. So I want to have one SuiteCRM installation having one DB per client. Each client will access product from a subdomain URL.
If possible how?

That is still going to be a multiple SuiteCRM installation, even if you put them all on the same server. One SuiteCRM installation can only point to one DB.