SuiteCRM multi-company

Good morning, sir,
I wanted to ask if you know if SuiteCRM is multi-company?

Yes, but first look your existing version is enough to manage or get the pay version

Thanks !

@deepvyas I don’t understand your answer - there is no “pay version” of SuiteCRM

@web_elinet there are several ways to make SuiteCRM work for several companies.

  • just install more than one, even if it is on the same server (separate web directories). You can assign different DNS names to them, they will be totally independent.

  • have only one installation, but separate the data using Security Groups and Roles. This would probably only be adequate if it’s really one company with different branches, or one owner with different companies. But it could be too risky to use for completely different entities, since the separation won’t be total.

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Thanks RPG!
Our case is a single owner with different companies.
We had also come to the point of considering multi-company using security groups, and you have confirmed this to us.
Thanks again