SuiteCRM Monthly Update - September 2023

The team here at SalesAgility have been busy looking at the outstanding Pull Requests (PRs) and are currently preparing the next maintenance release.

We have also been working hard to make available SuiteCRM Masterclasses, which provide assistance with the installation and customisation of SuiteCRM for you and your business.

To find out more about the above and what is next for the SuiteCRM project, check out our latest blog here.


If I may, I’d like to take this opportunity to suggest something. In past Hacktoberfests we’ve seen a lot of low value PR’s appearing, and there’s a certain pressure to merge those, to keep the Hacktoberfest crowd happy.

Instead of spending time on that sort of thing, or even on pre-existing PR’s that are “low hanging fruit”, easy to assess and merge, I suggest that a different prioritization takes place, where the actual value of the PR is considered, even if it is a lot of work to merge.

At this point in the project, it’s much better to breathe some motivation back into disillusioned long-time contributors, who are capable of high-value contributions, than to appease enthusiastic new-comers.

This is just my opinion, perhaps other people can give theirs, or we can have a simple poll where people suggest what they would most value to see merged. Thanks, and happy merging!


Hi @pgr

Thanks for your suggestion, but for Hacktoberfest, only PRs raised during the month of October are included, so we are focused on assessing these first at this time.

In saying that, we will continue to assess all PRs and are currently looking at ways in which to determine the PRs that will add value and can be merge.

Thanks again, your support is always appreciated.

thank you for putting the effort into this project, could you maybe also take a look at open PRs from the docs repo as there a lot left open and unanswered

I support @pgr here strongly.

Being a C-level person in a tech company, I network with other senior people: and maybe once a month I hear of a problem in sales or CS and I recommend SuiteCRM, because of the powerful and flexible thing it has become due to SalesAgility’s work: and the many other contributors.

HOWEVER: often the feedback I get is that the Forum here makes the software look very fragile and that is a large negative for potential users, especially senior ones who might have 50 or 250 staff that would depend daily on it.

So a big PLEASE that this PR be included - as it will prevent many of the forum posts where people are unable to get started due to stupid OS issues that are not SuiteCRM’s fault. But that make SuiteCRM look fragile:

Improved diagnostics #8686

Gillian - if it can’t be included in this Fest; what would it take to get it included by the SA team before Xmas? Maybe if I collected $100 or $500 dollars from other willing SuiteCRM users who wish to contribute back - would that ensure it is done by Xmas?

PS - I apologise if my tone is direct. It is just that it makes me sad to see a powerful product leave so many people with a wrong negative opinion of it: all for the lack of a PR.

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HI @g.martin

Did you see this PR request above. It would be very helpful, to stop SuiteCRM looking ‘too unreliable for serious use’ due to issues that are not caused by SuiteCRM.