SuiteCRM Migration to a Fresh SuiteCRM

Hi guys im runing a OLD version of SuiteCRM and i wan to to migrate to a new server hosted in my website BUT i dont want to update the old SuiteCRM.
But i want to moved all the workflow and all the new field that i have add to in the Studios. also all the data that i have.

Why not Just run the suite upgrade patch then migrate?

because ihvae somekind of error in my databse something about duplciate ID so i prefer a fresh install but i want to get back all the data (emails etc)

Have you tried running a quick repair and rebuild? Also paste the error here, you may be able to just go into the database and delete the duplicate and then everything would work. Migrating all the data to a fresh install with a fresh database will likely be a laborious task.

my problem is that went i create a WebLeadForm i recived a error that said check sugarcrm.log and there is a lot of database problem but i dont know why is this happend

  1. Do you get the error when you create the form or when you use it?
  2. Please post some extract of the log showing the errors you get