suitecrm maybe great sw, but its website font is terrible!

I am investigating crm’s for a new deployment. I am interested in suitecrm but it’s website font makes it almost impossible to read. The site should use a font similar to that used in the logo, if this is to be taken seriously.

Can you provide a print screen? The font looks ok to me. What browser are you using?

I find nothing wrong with the font used. I find it very readable.

Are you using Internet Explorer!?

I spend several hours in SuiteCRM every day. I set it up to run my small business. Although I am a strong supporter of Open Source solutions, that’s not why I chose it. SuiteCRM had the most power and flexibility to meet my individual needs.

In the several hundred hours I’ve now spent working in the system, I never once thought “Gee! This font really sucks!”

I can’t imagine giving up something as epic as AOW because the default font wasn’t pretty enough… lol :slight_smile:

I agree that there is no issue that I can see with the font. I use SuiteCRM in

Chrome Canary
Microsoft Edge

all with excelent readability and noe of my 10 users have complained about it, I can only imagine that there is possibly a browser problem

It is indeed an issue with Firefox, the website works fine in Chrome. When the Font-Type is striken from the page code all is good. It seems that the " ", included in the line for Font-Family causes FIrefox to use the font Mad Science as the default…

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Firefox is becoming more and more like internet explorer these days. I use chrome for most of my browsing.

This Mad Science font??! :cheer: -

No issues for me using Firefox version 40.0.3 on windows 7

No differences for me using Firefox or Chrome.
This is probably a user issues regarding a local font installed that causes issues just for Firefox and not for Chrome… or some personal default settings on his browser!

This issue has been resolved.