Suitecrm LTS 7.10 VERSION

Dear Sr.

Can you give me a realistic date for the deliver of the next suitecrm LTS version?

What do you mean?

Are you aware that 7.10.0, 7.10.1, and 7.10.2 were already released?

You’re asking about 7.10.3? It should be coming out next week probably.

Is the 7.10.3 going to be the next LTS version?

The LTS version is the “big” version number, not the minor release. So it’s 7.10, not any specific 7.10.x

We don’t use the LTS label extensively until after the first few minor releases, because the LTS label implies a certain level of stability, and we feel those first weeks after any major changes are needed to let the Community help us iron out any issues.

So, basically, yes, do your plan for 7.10.3 as an LTS release, but if you don’t see the label there, all you need to do is wait for a little more time. And make sure you test carefully.

Do you have any expectations about how much longer it will be for that 7.10 LTS version release?

7.10.3 comes out sometime next week. If there are no nasty surprises I am hoping that can be the one. But it’s not my decision.

In any event I don’t think it makes a big difference. A label is just a label, the code is what matters, and the code evolves progressively. If you are concerned with the commitment on the part of SalesAgility to 7.10 being LTS, then rest assured, it is.

I know this is not an ideal way of doing things, but the real solutions for our stability and reliability will come from better coordination of Community testing, and adding a lot more automated tests coverage, which is what we’re doing. But it will take time.

Meanwhile, we just want to avoid the kind of situation I sometimes see in these forums “it was LTS, I upgraded, and I didn’t make a backup first, and now it’s not working, what should I do?”. We’re just recommending caution.

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